Orkney Renewable Energy Ltd.

Burray wind turbine

The Burray Wind Turbine

The Burray project was instigated within the Orkney Renewable Energy Forum, an organisation established by those involved in renewable energy projects in the islands. A member of the forum has a family farm on the island of Burray, and following discussions within the forum, it was felt that the companies who had built the existing projects on Orkney could equally design and develop a locally owned project. A dedicated company was established, and a project put forward for planning approval. Consent for a single 900 kW wind turbine was duly awarded in 2002, and a mechanism of local ownership established.

The Burray project is fully funded by local investment, with all revenues retained within Orkney.  In addition there is a local community investment fund distributed each year to the Burray Community Association and other charities.  The annual income from this project, allowing for operations and maintenance is in excess of £200,000 per annum, compared with around £10,000 that would normally be made available to the community from commercial utility developers.  Locally-owned wind energy projects are essential to ensure maximum economic benefits to the community, while at the same time minimising environmental and social impacts.